Thursday, March 5, 2015

Grand Opening (almost)

This blog is a descendant of past efforts.

In the summer of 2010, I joined with a handful of other passionate people who'd been commenting on Nate Silver's when that site ended -- Nate had moved on to bigger things. In the spring of 2011, four of us formed Logarchism, and that effort lasted until July of 2012. Soon after, I created two email lists, and, both of which have been enjoyed and used by a small handful of passionate commenters of a variety of political leanings.

A blog format seems to be better for encouraging discussion than the old email list format. Hence, this new forum. The drawback is that an email list allows commenters -- not just the list owner -- to create new threads. There are other, more complex forum formats that also allow that. I hope to find ways to welcome a number of ways for people to participate.

I'll have a couple of threads open here in a few days. Until then, welcome.


  1. Feel free to post comments.

    I would like to make this a place to discuss anything related to modern culture -- politics, science, religion, history, philosophy, arts, sports, whatever generates interest. I will certainly have an emphasis on politics, with lots of science and history thrown in because those are among my own passions.

  2. Eagerly awaiting more content!